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Tensar is very proud of the numerous awards that we have received over the years. These awards demonstrate our commitment to being at the forefront of technical innovation, as well as using this innovation to develop solutions which offer superior performance. Ultimately, this has benefitted our clients, by reducing project timescales, as well as delivering real savings in time and costs.

International Success for Tensar’s TriAxTM Geogrid

In particular, Tensar’s TriAxTM geogrid has received numerous, prestigious accolades from across the globe since its official launch in 2007. These awards highlight the significant investment we’ve made in research and development to bring you the most substantial innovation in geogrid technology for decades. The unique properties and performance of TriAx have provided engineers with great opportunites to produce better road structures at an even lower cost. Please click here to find out more.

  • IGS 2010 Awards, International
  • Better Roads Awards 2010, USA
  • IGS 2009 Awards, China
  • Gold Medal at AUTOSTRADA 2008, Poland
  • Gold Medal at Brno Building Fair 2008, Czech Republic
  • NCE Innovation Award at CIVILS 2007, UK

 Tensar Awards